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Payments include Principle and Interest

When choosing a title loan, it’s important to work out the features you need from your loan and how much it will cost you in fees.

Principal: Simply put, principal refers to the amount borrowed or the amount still owed on a loan, excluding interest. It is important to note that the term principal takes on a different meaning depending on the context. For instance, when it comes to homeownership, principal is the part of a monthly payment that reduces the outstanding balance of a mortgage. You may have heard other people complaining about the fact that their monthly loan payments only cover the amount of interest they owe and fail to reduce the principal. If your interest rate is fairly high, it’s true that it might take awhile before you actually chip away at the amount of money borrowed.

Interest: A lot of the interest rates and fees that you will be charged will vary based on how much money you are asking for. A smaller cash loan and proof that they have the income to pay these loans back quickly are lower risk candidates, so they can get a lower interest rate on their bill. If you make late payments on your loan then you could be charged an additional fee, just like you would be with any other bill or credit card.
The amount charged, expressed as a percentage of principal, by a lender to a borrower for the use of assets. Interest rates are typically noted on an annual basis, known as the annual percentage rate (APR). The assets borrowed could include, cash, consumer goods, large assets, such as a vehicle or building. Interest is essentially a rental, or leasing charge to the borrower, for the asset’s use. In the case of a large asset, like a vehicle or building, the interest rate is sometimes known as the “lease rate”. When the borrower is a low-risk party, they will usually be charged a low interest rate; if the borrower is considered high risk, the interest rate that they are charged will be higher. Interest rates get a lot of attention and for good reason: they determine the cost of your home loan and what you pay back each month. Even a small difference in interest rates can make a big difference to your repayments.

Benefits Of Paying Interest: Build better credit – Early repayment can help improve your credit score so you can be in a better position to borrow money in the future.

Lost Title

Can I still get a car title loan if I lost my title? Yes, if you’ve lost your title, we will help you obtain a new title to get a car title loan. If a lien is on record at the DMV, you must get a lien satisfy from the previous lien holder.

Out of State Title

Can I Receive A Title Loan If My Vehicle Is Registered Out Of State? Yes, the vehicle does not have to be registered in-state. But, the applicant for a Title Loan does have to prove in-state residence. Provided that you have a clear vehicle title and valid state ID or drivers license, Discount Title Loans can accept you’re out of state title for an auto title loan.


Car, Truck, RV, Boat, Motorcycle, Trailer, and ATV Loans


From Car, Truck, RV, Boat, Motorcycle, Trailer, and ATV Loans, we can work with you to help you find a financing option for your next specialty vehicle. Discover the benefits of working with us and find a vehicle financing option that could fit your needs.

We provide low rates, flexible terms, affordable payments and personalized service without the application fees or hidden charges.

Lowest Rates

The main reason why many people choose us to be their title loan provider is not just our fast, friendly, professional and courteous service but our incredibly low interest rates.

  • No hidden fees, ever
  • Get Approved Fast
  • We offer the lowest interest rates in Utah


We will beat any competitor’s rate for a title loan

Our competitors will:

  • Lend you less cash
  • Charge you higher interest rates
  • Charge you higher fees and larger monthly payments

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